Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You have grown
into me
you are part of me
your words are my words
your tones and gestures
my tones and gestures
the way you dress, is the way I dress
How do I separate
How do I escape from you now
without losing my self?

May 2008

( do you think I could compile all these and get a book published?? or are they fit for the waste paper basket?)


Ripe Apricots said...

Dear Shruti,

This is a wonderful poem indeed, and perhaps you have found what it is to love in your life!


shrutanne said...

Maybe.. maybe not! Remember, the end of the poem talks about a need to separate and escape which seems very hard... it has suggestion of other things, than a pure love!

Sindhu said...

Dear Shruti,
As I told you, I will have to come back and do quite a few rereadings before I can make a few reasonably useful comments. I'll try to that over the weekend.
Right now, let me say that I enjoyed all the poems, and found some of thhem excellent.
There are a few which could have done with a little more polishing, but otherwise, overall great!
Yes I think you can easily manage a booklet puplication, but since the word in bookseller/publisher circles is that "Poetry books don't sell" you will have to approach a few dedicated publishers who look at quality and not at market rates-two good instances would be Pencraft and Writers Workshop. All the best, Ok?