Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Photograph' published in Coldnoon Diaries

My poem 'Photograph' has just been put up in Coldnoon Diaries, a journal focussing on forms of literature and art related to travel. It is an off-shoot of the journal Coldnoon Travel Poetics and is handled mainly by Arup K Chatterjee and Amrita Ajay, who have also been my academic peers.

They have also given it a nice Roland Barthes introduction on photography, making the poem seem more sophisticated! The photograph I actually wrote the poem for however, is not the one that is up on the site. You can see the original photo- here. It is an IP College pic clicked by a friend, Ritu Singh.

To read the actual poem in Coldnoon Diaries, you can click here. :-) Happy Reading!