Friday, July 24, 2009

Rummaging between old papers, I found this poem that I wrote in 2006. I like it, so decided to put it up here...

Solids, opaque objects
Definite, visible
Dense, Impenetrable

Transparent as air am I
Know me in and out
Like sunlight knows the river water
easily knowable, easily penetrable

Alas! Irony! It is but few
Who have eyes to see transparence
Eyes and minds are trained to the obvious
Clear, transparent, penetrable am I
Only for eyes that can see nothingness...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delhi ghazal

Maggi, bunta, chips, chai shops fill the nooks of Delhi
Muffins, sutta and friends-- all in my book of Delhi

Rock music and vodka lovers to art and lit lovers
India Gate to alleyways, myriad looks of Delhi

Sweltering heat brews here as does freezing cold
Food, theatre, gossip, tales, crimes cook up in Delhi

Monsoon breezes blow here, winds of change ripple
Earthquakes, bombs, political storms recently shook Delhi

Campus college hostel life is a life unto itself
It may have its negatives, but Shruti is hooked to Delhi.

( tried to keep the rhyme, refrain and metre as correct as I was able to!!)

They say mad men must be humoured

They say mad men must be humoured.

I humour myself
the way they humour mad men
I express myself
through day dreams and poems
to contain myself
to stop this crazee, lunatic spirit
trapped inside this woman's body
from acting wild
and running amok.

'tis a strange bundle of contraries
I express myself to contain myself
I humour myself
The way they humour mad men.
your words come back to me
your warmth steals over me
your eyes cast a spell
you leave me
naked, bare
and wistful.
with remnants of a distant past
and eyes bright with unshed tears
I nurse a solitary pain.