Friday, March 25, 2016

sorry sorry, sorry blog, it seems to have been more than six months since I abandoned you... well, so what has been happening these past six months, errrm...

I hardly wrote some three poems in the whole of 2015, so not too much on that front. (though I have written quite a few poems in 2016 already!)  I was writing my story more, I guess (my story is my work-in-progress "novel"), and academic things like papers and PhD chapters. okay, so whatever news I have is this--

1. I have two poems ( 'Baidew', and 'An Illicit Wicked Scatological Love Poem' and a short extract from a story called Dream Desires accepted for SCRIPTS-- which is a queer, LGBT journal based out of Mumbai. (Bombay)

2. A paper 'Food, Love, and the Self in Indian Women's Poetry in English' has been accepted by a journal called The Apollonian, which is edited by Subashish Bhattacharjee and Saikat Guha, who work in JNU in some capacity, I do not know what!!

3. IIAS, Shimla accepted by abstract for the conference 'Poetry as Counter Culture: An Unbroken Indian Tradition' organised by K. Satchidanandan, so I will be attending the conference there from 16-18th May and presenting my long paper. Oh, the topic of the paper, you ask? I forgot. The title is something like -- 'The Portrayal and Agency of the Woman's Body in Indian Women's Poetry in English post-Independence'. Yup, the title probably needs to be made more "proper", but looking forward to a solo trip out in the hills! :-)

Besides this, well, I will keep updating you as and when clarities and concrete realities come my way. :-)