Friday, May 23, 2008

Bright gems and stones
encased in silver, gleaming
Long, Dangling. Irresistable.

Two years of dreaming and waiting
and watching and yearning and longing
My silver earrings-- a dream come true

Finally, a reality. I, the proud owner.
MY silver earring collection.
I loved them.I loved them too much.

I loved them eachd ay as I took them out
and put them on. Reveled in them.
Never took them for granted.

Twelve or thriteen pairs of them
in all kinds of colours. I lost them
I lost them, all at one go

My fault. My mistake. I was stupid
I was dumb. And I lost all of them.
That doesn't make it any better.

I was addicted to them, felt almost
naked without them. wanted to kill myself
when I found that I had lost them.

Silver earrings are trivial. Life goes on.
And yet, I would too gladly exchange
this poem, for my silver earrings.

January 2008

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