Friday, October 15, 2010

Untitled (a response to J M Coetzee's Disgrace)

(a response to J M Coetzee's Disgrace )

Teach me

that ritual, David's daily penance

of carrying dead dogs to the incinerator.

Teach me

Lucy's mysterious wisdom

of accepting guilt without flinching.

But do not try to tell me

that shame precludes desire.

That they cannot coexist.

Desire can be consecrated, pure

as blue fire, it can worship the beloved

yet not touch her with its flame.

Fighting Menka and her fellow apsaras

of desire and temptation

is the agnipariksha remorse must win over

A daily duel with these dancing apsaras

only strengthens my victory

and is my highest offerring of atonement

towards grace.

The twin birds on the tree of the gita are within me

one tempted to eat the fruit, the other watching

even if one succumbs to the fruit, the other redeems.


Anusree said...

I love the way you've taken the grit and cynicism of the book and turned it around.I'm sure John Coetzee would love it.

shrutanne said...

Oh!! I am so glad somebody actually managed to understand what I've been trying to say in this poem!! Congrats, you are probably the first!! :-)
so much so, that even I had started wondering if I meant what i thought I meant!! :p