Friday, October 15, 2010

Elegy for a Broken Vase

The malleability of wet clay

a potter's wheel, and a friend's hand

birthed it. Stories etched into it

as dented lines, like wrinkles

formed by River's waves, on stone.

Mud coloured and elegant, it occupied

a prized position, as befits

a handcrafted gift, with grace.

Until it fell,struck by my careless hand

in dignity, stature, and height.

Sorrow, distress, and broken pieces of earth

delicately curved, now fill the room and

Draughts of love, clouds of memories and

bittersweet vapours escape

from the empty vase and

search for a new home.


anj said...

i've read all seven poems, and enjoyed them greatly. you have developed muscle as a poet, shruti. your poems grow better all the time.

keep feeling. keep writing.

love you,


Rhett said...

Well written - liked it!

Well in order to post comments you can simply click on this button called 'Blurts!' after every post. Yes, I know Nabina. She's a friend. Thanks for your kind comments.

Vinod said...