Friday, October 15, 2010

Passport Sized Photographs


A dummy, a mannequin,

a wax work doll. An object

to be stared, commented, laughed at.

A robotic machine. Controlled

by a set of commands.

“Shift your face to the left

your neck is not straight, your face

not level with the ground,madam.”

The holy mantra for photo-production

needs me to wear a plastic smile on demand

of correct length and breadth measurements

The canvas of my life

is replaced by a cheap blue one

Dirty too. I persuade him

to make it grey.

And I wonder how many sittings

and how many, many rehearsals

would capture my flyaway spirit

and inject a whiff of my soul

into this two-inches-of-gloss

this millimetred smile?

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

I think I know another poem called "Passport Sized Photographs".

Anyway, the title is so evocative!