Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From Mirage to Mirage

the sand glimmers with heat
the air glimmers with heat
the clear blue sky mocks the aridity
scavenging vultures circle overhead
the rotting carcass of a camel
in the distance.
they live off the camel, to survive
the hot sun sears, scorches
I step onto a sand dune
shifting sands slip under me
sucking me in,
I struggle to escape.
the desert is greedy, hungry
it wants. it desires. it takes.
I am thirsty. I want. I desire.
shading my eyes--- there it is!
palm trees, an oasis.
the dream of the oasis
my faith in the oasis
pulls me out of the shifting sands
propelling weak body, weary mind
towards that promise.

The blazing sun beats down
on glimmering parched sand
Nothing. Barren aridity.
It was a mirage.
Vultures mock me with rapacious
raucous cries
the sand shifts from beneath my feet
sucking me in, sucking, sucking
the blue sky laughs and jeers from above

no water in sight
no human soul in sight
only hot sun, shifting sands, vultures.

I look in the distance
I dream, I believe
in the promise of that baseless mirage
I have utmost faith
from mirage to mirage I live
my faith in a mirage quenches my thirst
torn by contradiction
broken by mockery
with certainty of uncertainty
my only rock of faith
a mirage.

From mirage to mirage I live
I've been doing it for years.


Deepti said...

really good...its powerful...and i mean it in a sense that i feel none of ur previous poems that i have read are as powerful as this creates that feeling of despair and hope and then keeps shifting between the two...very real and very surreal too...

shrutanne said...

thanks deepti... i am glad you liked it... in this poem, I tried to put more of imagery, to "show" more and to "tell" less, as vivek puts it... probably the imagery, and hence the distanciation added to the intensity that you speak of...

Vrun said...

Whoa! "Vultures mock me with rapacious raucous cries"... hard hitting. Fictitious in words, but so damn real when one relates them to reality!