Friday, February 27, 2009

Putting a Stopper

When an obstruction blocks
the peacefully flowing river
it finds other channels
to surge ahead.

When steam
coming out through a fissure
is suppressed
it explodes violently.

When thundering waterfalls
encounter barriers
they rage, regardless.

That's what people nowadays
don't understand.
There are waterfalls of steaming desire
within me
But they think human laws
work differently
from natural, physical ones.


Shivika Mathur said...

Thats pretty thoughtful and yet so simply put. I liked this one,very compact, encapsulating the conflict within society very neatly.

(Thumbs Up!)

Vrun said...

Great work Shruti! I wonder how you put across a strong message in simple, tangible words.

True... we never credit human feelings to be as strong as natural occurrences.

This part "When thundering waterfalls
encounter barriers
they rage, regardless."



shrutanne said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment, varun! Loved it! :)

ishani said...

This is awesome. again.
Beautifully expressed. The oppressed "me".. and the search for identity and the rebellion against the conventional society is spoken about in words intricately woven together.
keep the good work!