Thursday, November 6, 2014

'Creativity' and 'Smell Spells'

Here is 'Creativity', published in Allegro

Fall in love with someone
From another culture.
Be swept off your feet and let this
Fascination transform you.
Do not treat the other
As other. Do not judge in haste.
Begin to understand, perhaps even
Become the other.
Speak their language. Learn
The names of their rivers, dance
To their festivals and music,
Dress like them, discover their food,
Tattoo them on your skin.
Be vulnerable. Let the other
Ravage you, give them the power
To destroy you. Open yourself
To translation. In that living shattering
evolving heartbreaking accepting space
lies creativity.

Read 'Smell Spells' published in the Xarodiya (winter) issue of The North East Review here.

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