Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Creativity' finds a home in Allegro, and 'Smell Spells' in North East Review

My poem 'Smell Spells' (written long back, in April 2011) has been accepted for the 'Xarodiya' issue of North East Review. Sharat in hindi, shawrot in bengali, Xarot in Axomiya, It is an autumn/winter issue around the Durga Puja festive season. My poem, well it's about smells, more specifically, it's about spices used in food. Will put up the link to it later once it gets published.

Another poem 'Creativity', a very very recent one has been accepted and published in Allegro, a new e-zine based somewhere in the UK. It is their very first issue and the theme is 'New'. It seems to be a nice selection of poems, do check out 'Creativity' and the other poems here.

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