Tuesday, June 5, 2012

translating Neeraj's hindi poem into english

This is purely informal and just for fun! Trying out my hand at translating from hindi to english, for the first time! again, something I have long wanted to learn how to do. TAM just gave me the opportunity to experiment. :-)

Translation of ‘Jab teri yaad aayi’ by Gopaldas Saxena Neeraj, from Phir Deep Jalega, pg 140

The original hindi poem follows after my translation

When I remembered you

I wrote a song for your tresses, for your fierce glances,

and the ghazal composed itself, when I remembered you.

Sleep fled my eyes at night

Flew away like a scent

When the wind kissed

The henna on your hands

It rained from every direction- when I remembered you.

Like a yogi chanting prayers

I began to sing with every breath

A face coming and going

In front of my eyes

Home became a palace- when I remembered you.

When I uttered your name

Diyas lit up my heart

When I found you near me

The blackest of days turned fair

My world changed- when I remembered you.

Jab teri yaad aayi

Zulf par geet likha, sher nazaron pai kaha

Ban gayi khud hi ghazal- jab teri yaad aayi

Khushboo ban banke uri

Neend raaton ki meri

Jab hava choom gayi

Mehendi haathon ki teri

Barse har simta keval- jab teri yaad aayi

Ek jogin ki tarah

Saans har gaane lagi

Shakl nazaron mein koi

Aane aur jaane lagi

Ghar bana rajmahal- jab teri yaad aayi

Naam jab tera liya

Jal uthey dil mein diye

Paas jab paya tujhe

Kale din gorey hue

Gayi duniya hi badal – jab teri yaad aayi