Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a 'found text' poem in hindi

Wanting to try my hand at writing a poem in Hindi, my mother tongue. Again something for which TAM gave me the opportunity. This poem was written using the words of an interview. There were a set of questions and we interviewed each other and wrote down the other person's answers. Then we chose interesting words from these answers and created a poem out of it. My found text poem in hindi is about found text itself. This one is purely for laughs and is not meant to be taken seriously! :-)

‘Found text” poem in hindi written by using words from interview answers

Yeh kavita doosron ke likhe shabdon

Ko apna banati hai, punah parakh kar

Naye raaston se jaanti hai, aur unke

Zyaada karib aa jati hai.

Yeh puranay shabd kuchh naye kapde, kuchh

Naye arth pehen lete hain, jaise

Ek girgit apna rang badalti hai.

Jakde hue shabdon ko khula

Chhod deti hai aur ve shabd

Chand tak udaan bhar lete hain.

Shabdon ko sunkar rang

Dikhayi dene lagte hain, aur naye ghar,

Ek naya sheher bunate hain.


Floating Dreams said...

I was thinking that only English poetry is cerebral. I had forgotten that Hindi poetry is cerebral too. Good one.

Shruti Sareen said...

Perhaps this happens when a person who usually writes in English tries her hand at hindi, a fusion of technique! :-) I am so glad you liked it, thank you! :-)