Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Ifs

What ifs

What if I fall on the highway, crushed
under a car superspeedrushed?
What if, some random day
I take a bus to nowhere , and run away?
What if I apparate in Ithaca Lesbos,
Houyhnhnms Hogsmeade Ozma’s Oz?
What if horses were green, and elephants blue
And all of us lived imprisoned in a zoo?
Squibs giants dragons house elves all
Lived amicably in one big hall?
What if I could become YOU
Or look into your mind if I wanted to?
What if Hitler’s mother was a Jew
What if I had never met YOU?
What if I went into delirium
Did crazee stuff with fraught e-qui-librium?
What if poems were written dia
and life lived synchronically?
And what if a poem stubbornly resisted
To fit and sit, no matter how you persisted?

1 comment:

anj said...

dearest shruti,

i liked whatifs a lot, and the one about ootin is very imaginative. i feel your poems show a lot of potential.

i agree with vivek that stricter editing would help. poetry needs to be economical, not wordy. let it all pour out in the initial drafts, but a few days later, be picky and delete repetitive stuff.

having said that, i must add that i enjoyed every bit i read.

'making love' is too sentimental. having read a lot of your anguished poems, i find that particular theme of loss and unrequited yearning appears over and over till i almost dread another one of those.
move on, baby.

keep writing. you're good.
love always,