Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CaPoWrimO-- Caferati Poetry Writing Month!! :)

Caferati, the writing/ poetry group I am part of, organised CaPoWriMo, Caferati Poetry Writing Month, in April. One poem per day for the entire month of April, following the forms, themes and instructions that were given. Below is my "Thank You" Post to caferati at the end of this month long exercise. All my poems are up here on the blog, but the rightful link which began it all is National Poetry Writing Month in some corner of the world, http://www.napowrimo.net/ and Caferati Poetry Writing Month for us!! http://caferati.blogspot.com/2010/03/capowrimo.html

Well,Caferati... thank you so much for putting me back in touch with myself, for putting me back in touch with caferati, for making me learn so many different forms and for actually making me feel that I can write in "form", for teaching me discipline to write a poem a day (sometimes I cheated, and wrote 3 in one day!!), for making me realise the very highly "constructed" nature of poetry... one can hardly force oneself to be inspired 30 days a month!! It was interesting to twist themes the way I wanted to,so that I always managed to write on the theme given, twisting it just enough to make it say something I really find meaningful and want to say. None of the poems were written just for the sake of writing them... not one!! ...and for... so many things!! a very learning, enjoyable and meaningful experience... and when all that is combined, what could be better!!well, my honest statistics, haven't been as scrupulously honest as Pushpa, so I must confess!! 25 of the poems were very honestly and scrupulously written!! As for the other 5... well, they were ones I have written recently over Feb and March... they just happened to match themes... Lots of the 25 poems were reworked versions of earlier ones... I converted so many free verse poems into form... a very interesting experience...anyways, I don't think it matters, so long as one learns from the experience and it proves meaningful. And I will go prolific on my blog now, posting all these. haven't done it yet, haven't had the time. I thought of FB notes... but decided to give it a miss, all my poems are on my blog, I usually don't put any on FB notes. And Finally, at the end of this prolific post... a very heartfelt... Thank You soooo much, caferati. I'd never have done this if you hadn't made me!!! :)


Adelaide Dupont said...

Indeed, Shruti, poetry is highly constructed.

All good intent for the Poetry Writing Month.

anj said...


i've gone thru your thirty capowrimo poems, and believe me, it was a treat. they just kept getting better and better. there are several poems here that work very well, poems to be proud of. a few poems that i enjoyed very much i'll mention here, but will need to go back to the poems for that. hold on.

yeah, among the best crafted are the villanelle, angel and gargoyle, olfactory poetry, an exercise in blue, following the glden string, home, free writing, grace's elevator and the circular poem.

i also found these interesting: the sonnet, cinquain, your new poetic form, and almost rape.

keep writin', shrut. you're good at writing poetry! (like i always said.)
you have it in you to develop further. you're a learner.

small corrections...turn 'brew' into 'brewed'(the legend of the pot); irresistable should be irresistible (circular poem).

my favourite line---'a smell that you can never own'. it's terrific!

thank you for writing so well! keep it coming..