Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The beauty- parlour

Having your body
massages, rubbed, cleaned
by other women
is deeply relaxing.
there is an ease, a letting go
revealing body to body
the free, open nudity
of women among women.

But the mantra ia fairness
fair is good. fair is lovely.
fair is the desired ideal.

Well, but I am dark
And what if I like darkness?
and want to revel in it, love it,
making it wholly my own?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Fair is not always good or lovely.

We all have fair and dark inside us and definitely outside us.

Thank you for the touch and show of your skin.

And the beauty parlour is very performative, isn't it? Yet very revealing.

Love to read abot beauty rituals in India.

shrutanne said...

a friend felt that the first half of the poem is very disconnected from the latter half and that it does not "flow" properly...
any comments/suggestions on that one??

Vinod said...

as long as you are fair to yourself, you fare pretty well..! :) nice blog