Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lady Luck is shining on me! :-)

Lady Luck is shining on me indeed. So I got three pieces of news, all in the same week. These are all acceptances for forthcoming publications.

1. One of my short stories, 'Holi Colour' is accepted for publication for an international anthology on non-normative love called Marked by Scorn. The editor, Dominica Malcolm, also liked 'A Corridor Moment' but she had to follow the rule of accepting only one. The first time I ever got a story published. :-)

2. Three of my poems were accepted by K. Satchidanandan for the next issue of the e-journal Open Sesame at which he has recently started.

3. This one came as a jolt from the blue because it has been many eternities since I had sent these poems. Sudeep Sen accepted three of my poems for Six Seasons Review, which operates from Bangladesh, and where he is one of the editors on board. These poems have been published elsewhere in the meantime, but will be reappearing in the Six Seasons Review.

Just a little bit of luck! :-) I will gradually provide links and put them up as and when they are published.

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