Thursday, May 22, 2014

and two more!

Here are the last two poems of my 'Rendezvous with Assam' series out of the total sixteen which actually Thumbprint did not put up. :-)
So, 22nd May. Incidentally, tomorrow, 23rd May is Heartstrings' birthday... ummm let me see, 2008, wasn't it... 2008 to 2014, Happy 6th Birthday and all that in advance, blog! You reached it!

           Moi axomiya bhal pau , kintu moi axomiya na bujhisu
I like assamese, but then I do not understand assamese
But smiles and twilight laughter
Food, respect, bihu. Love too. They tie
And knit the world through a million
invisible threads. Probably they do not
Know. Nobody knows. Only I do. The world
Is full of sticky spider webs for me tonight.
Moi axomiya nohoi kintu moi axomiya prem korisu.
P.S.- I love you too. 

2.       The Memory of Assam

My dreams are still full of hills
And kamakhya and the Brahmaputra
Captured with difficulty in mind film
In so short a time, more easily on camera film.
I wonder sometimes at my strange fascination
Then I look at you, beside the Luit,
cradled by hills, haphazard unplanned city
with your big city feel and  your sudden small city feel,
 the land of bihu beauty, mekhela and bordoisila
And I know that despite problems
 risks, disruptions, contradictions
 uncertainties of the future
I shall return to this Assam
And then again.

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