Sunday, January 19, 2014

Of Guwahati seminars and PhD presentations

Well, happy to tell you that I will be presenting a paper on the representation of marginalised figures in contemporary Indian women's poetry in english,at the IAWS (Indian Association of Women's Studies) seminar to be held in Guwahati in the first week of February in partnership with Gauhati University, Cotton College State University, and TISS Guwahati (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Even happier that I finally get to go to Assam, a place I always wanted to visit. Even now, it's just a dream. So, my very first visit, here I come. Yay! :D

In other news, also that on Monday, the 20th Jan at 2.30pm, I have a PhD presentation. The PhD being on Emerging Feminist Trends in Indian Poetry in English, the first chapter is on Autobiographical Texts. Monday's presentation will look at identity from a feminist perspective (esp second and third wave feminism), and try to link this with contemporary Indian poets' views on identity.

And,very late in the day but, Happy New Year and all that!

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