Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Six Poems Up In Muse India Sept-Oct 2011

Six Poems published in the new September-October 2011 issue of Muse India. The issue this time is around the theme of Literature of Young Adults. The six poems that have been published are:

The six poems are -- "The Midnight Black" ( it is about kajal/kohl)
"Anyways" (the over-usage of this word which isn't even a word, really)
"Dear Old Eighteen" (a letter to my past eighteen year old self)
Flee Fly Floo (an attempt at nonsense verse and amphigory)
The Ladies' Car (about the new ladies car in the Delhi metro)
and, "Requiem for a Dream" (which shows the big impact teachers have on students but which, i think, they little realise).

You can read them here. http://museindia.com/featurecontent.asp?issid=39&id=2837
You can also read a lot of other people's work there, so I hope you check it out! :-)

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