Friday, December 31, 2010

Elegy for a Broken Vase to be published in Differsense!!

Yay!!! My poem "Elegy for a Broken vase" has been accepted for publishing in the magazine Differsense!! The poem is just two posts below this one. However, in the magazine, it will appear in a slightly edited form, so I am putting up the edited version here right now, as it will appear in print. hope I'm not doing something wrong!!
Okay, tisn't a big deal, doesn't affect the world. It does still tell me though that at least I don't write total crap. My 4th publication, "proper" one... :-)

,a potters wheel
and a friend's hand
birthed it.
Our stories dented it
Etching lines like the wrinkles
left by River’s waves on stone.
Mud-coloured, elegant,
it graced a prized corner
as befitsa hand-crafted gift...
Until, one day, it fell,
struck by my careless hand.
Sorrow, distress, and broken earth
delicately curved, now fill the room;
draughts of love, clouded memories,
bittersweet vapours escape
from the empty vase and
search for a new home.

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Something about first authorial rights and exclusive rights goes in there.

Would LOVE to read Differsense.

2010 has been a great publication year for you, Shruti!

I like the version here. So clean and empthatic in its lines.

I see the form and hear the beat - like a heart.

The emotions are very effective at the end.