Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 poems in Muse India!!

Muse India , in their September issue this time, published 4 of my poems!! The basic theme of this issue is tagore, but they have lots of other stuff as well. an my poems aren't even remotely about tagore!! Okay, so the selected 4 are -- The Legend of the Pot, Of Poems Dreams and Reveries, Being Belindas, and, Homeless Home-makers, in that order.
Check them out here--

and yes, I am grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat!! :))


Adelaide Dupont said...

Great to learn about the Nobel Prize winner Tagore and his writing, philosophising and teaching. One achievement I was impressed with was how he built and developed the rural areas. And there was a comparison to Aurobindo, one of the other Indian gurus.

And there's a lot of the cream of the crop of Indian academia and literature in Muse India.

For you: pride, honour, privilege. In roughly that order.

I read the story/poem half first and then the Tagore half. The editor wrote a really good testimonial and there were so many points to comment upon.

I really enjoyed Homeless Homemakers.

News and events are often very exciting too.

shrutanne said...

Thanks for such a serious, detailed study, Adelaide!! but then, that's you, isn't it!! I should read the site properly myself but... I must confess... I haven't, not yet, at least!!