Monday, September 14, 2009

a tree gives of itself

nurtures, bears fruit and flower

only cos it is at peace

with itself, accepting each leaf

even tiny , scrawny ones.

(only dead leaves are shed)

rooted, grounded firmly in place

the sun may scorch its leaves

at times, but the tree knows it cannot

turn from the sun and live.

to give of myself

I must accept each part

of this self, be at peace

(shed only dead ones)

I must be rooted, centred

people may scorch me a times

with biting remarks, but I cannot

turn from people and live.


Deepti said...

this one's a better metaphor poem than door also, it fits completely

Rajesh Santhanam said...

I have decided to read this aloud to my students during assembly. Will write to you about their feedback.