Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delhi ghazal

Maggi, bunta, chips, chai shops fill the nooks of Delhi
Muffins, sutta and friends-- all in my book of Delhi

Rock music and vodka lovers to art and lit lovers
India Gate to alleyways, myriad looks of Delhi

Sweltering heat brews here as does freezing cold
Food, theatre, gossip, tales, crimes cook up in Delhi

Monsoon breezes blow here, winds of change ripple
Earthquakes, bombs, political storms recently shook Delhi

Campus college hostel life is a life unto itself
It may have its negatives, but Shruti is hooked to Delhi.

( tried to keep the rhyme, refrain and metre as correct as I was able to!!)


Deepti said...

well u showed it all to me earlier and i told u what i think abt all of them...and i see u havent made any changes

shrutanne said...

yeah Deepti, you have read them before, and yes, I haven't made any chanegs till now, so yes, I needn't have actually sent that mail to you.

Mads said...

i liked it..u have a different style of writing. so hatke =D
good work :)

shrutanne said...
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shrutanne said...

oh!! who are you?? thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting!! how did you come across my blog?? just saw your blogger profile... would like to get to know you...

shrutanne said...
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vagda said...

hahaha :) hooked to delhi are u :P nice one